Youth and vitality activation meditation

This powerful meditation will fill your heart and soul with great happiness and joy. It will awaken your inner ability and power to rejuvenate and heal. You will start to feel a new energy in life, and subtle rejuvenation processes will be initiated.

Listen to it every day for 21 days, and get ready for the great changes in your life that you have longed for.

Benefits of meditation

Every scientific study ever done, from neuroscience to psychology, always finds incredible benefits in meditating; from lowering peoples’ stress and anxiety levels to improving attention and focus, to helping them do better on tests and activities at work. Meditation improves a person’s life mentally, psychologically, and for many people, spiritually as well.

It produces an actual positive psychological effect over a period of time.

Practising meditation means sitting or laying down, being still for some period of time, with eyes closed, and focusing on imagination, breathing or meaningful words.

When unwanted thoughts come out, and they certainly do when you meditate, you can redirect your attention to breathing, or ‘I’m statements’ like: I’m young, I’m healthy, I’m strong, I’m powerful, I’m gorgeous, I’m happy…

With regular meditating you’ll learn to control, slow down and master your brain. The most efficient technique is practising 20-minute meditations twice a day.