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This is for you if you want to get up in the morning feeling good,
with confidence that you can manage the day in your own way and be in
control of your health, body and mind.

How it works



60 min for you to tell me your story.

Holistic Health coaching is an individualised approach that empowers us to work together to address the underlying cause of your problem and promote optimal wellness. It requires a detailed understanding of health history, genetics, and lifestyle factors and leverages that data to direct personalised treatment plans that lead to improving your health.


Working together

Feel joy and happiness on your wellness journey.

Using modern Life Coaching methods we will break through resistance and limiting beliefs to overcome hesitation and self-sabotage and empower your innate ability for healing. A personalised diet, mindset and exercise plan will be the tools used and shaped according to your uniqueness which will lead you to your desired reality. I’ll include other powerful remedies, if needed, such as Herbal tinctures, teas and powders, Bach flowers, Dr Schullz’s salts… Body detox protocols…



Sustain lifelong health and wellbeing.

You will cherish the knowledge you gain and how you experience your inner world, reflecting on all that is around you. You will be equipped to move forward, stay in charge of your future and immerse yourself into your life. ‘I’m healthy, pain-free, and energised in my mind, body, and soul!’ is you now. You will acquire all the necessary information, tools and instructions to continue nourishing and developing healthy habits. Through this practice, you will manifest your healthiest and happiest self.

Create a life you genuinely love by working 1:1 with me, get clarity on what you really want, eliminate mental and emotional blockers, build healthy routines and confidence.

We can work on:

Health is ‘Abundant Vitality’ – the best possible physical, mental and emotional state, the ability to recover from illness and other problems – The body can heal itself given the right conditions

Healthy Every Day Program

Learn how to support your health, create healthy immunity, and increase vitality.

I will be provide you with a personalised body systems cleansing and renewing program, Nutrition and Fitness program, and Mindset Coaching

You will be assessed with Iridology, one of the most popular Naturopathic diagnostic tools, and acquire basic analysis and health advice according to your constitution type.


Your investment: £ 460

Absolute Health Program

Transforming Holistic Health and Vitality

A 3-Month plan designed for you will rebuild and strengthen your health and well-being. You will be fully supported and guided to adopt positive lifestyle improvements that overcome unwelcome health conditions naturally and holistically. You will be able to replace negative influences in your everyday life and create more fulfilled days with more positive feelings and emotions.

We will work on all areas of well-being to recognise and change all limitations and obstacles that prevent you living the life you want.


Your investment: £ 1,490

Pay in instalment: three installments of £ 530

Client’s stories

"I was experiencing chronic insomnia, poor digestion, constant headaches, and other physical and mental issues that were affecting me for many years. I came to Ms Medic with these problems and she meticulously worked through each concern I had to create a detailed, but open-minded, lifestyle and diet plan as well as herbal remedies to accompany them. Within the first week I already felt a tremendous difference in my energy, sleep, digestion, and anxiety and after a few more weeks, I became conscientious of my health and grew to love my new lifestyle."
Leila G.
(22 years old)
"Dusanka has been there for me for the past 18 months of the pandemic. I am susceptible to urine infections and it’s amazing how Dusanka managed to keep me free from infection all that period to today. I have a problematic skin condition affecting my scalp but Dusanka managed to get the condition under control. Because of my inactivity and years sitting in a wheelchair I had gained a lot of unwanted weight. Dusanka has managed to keep my diet in check and to date have lost close to 2 stone. I definitely could not have done it without her. She is a wonderful health coach."
Ian Donald
(73 years old)


Nutritient “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates – More then ever, a proper diet is the most important aspect of

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Fitness Movement is a fundamental part of optimal health. A lack of movement leads to poor health and creates a physical environment in where diseases

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Mindset Coaching

Mindset Coaching is focused on finding the leading cause of imbalance and supporting all of the self-regulation mechanisms to treat challenges, whether physical or emotional.

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