Therapeutic Yoga Massage / Bodywork

Therapeutic Yoga Massage-Bodywork is a dynamic whole-body treatment that promotes health and achieves physical, energetic, and spiritual well-being.

Combining acupressure and reflexology, I use progressive stretching and yoga poses in which the entire body moves. It restores natural flexibility and tone, improves muscle flexibility and joint range of motion. This is also a form of massage, significantly increases blood and lymph circulation and, in return, substantially better flow of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.

It is a highly effective treatment for relieving chronic pain. Sufferers of muscle and joint pain and low back pain will benefit the most. Also, a particular treatment form – Court-type, can be applied to specific meridians and acupressure points, effectively resolving migraine and chronic headache.

What does the treatment entail?

The 90-minute treatment is practised one-on-one, performed on a soft mat on the floor. The client is fully dressed, and no oils are applied.

Therapeutic Yoga Massage-Bodywork balances hormones. Serotonin is a happiness-inducing hormone and cortisol is a stressinducing hormone. The balance between these two hormones will help you think more clearly, improve memory, and decrease stress.

It is especially effective for desk-bound professionals who spend their working hours sitting. It releases all tension and helps to calm you down.

This treatment is completely safe, has no contra-indications and adapts to the client’s physical condition, needs and requirements. The technique is suitable for anyone, including pregnant women, persons with reduced physical mobility (the side effects of stroke and the like), and after injuries to the musculoskeletal tissue (it speeds up recovery time), as well as those who simply want to recharge with fresh energy and relieve with fatigue and stress.

Treatment area



Therapeutic Yoga Massage

Your investment: £ 60


Therapeutic Yoga Massage

Your investment: £ 90

3 x 90 MINS

Therapeutic Yoga Massage

Your investment: £ 250

6 x 90 MINS

Therapeutic Yoga Massage

Your investment: £ 490


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